The Bull's Bridge Inn

Old photos of the Bull's Bridge Inn

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Old Photos 1

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Dining Room and Bar

Exterior Photos

One of the little old fishing bungalows that used to be rented behind the restaurant in the now filled-in pond. One of the bungalows can still be seen from the rear of the restaurant on Bull's Bridge Road, owned by the Nelson family.

The head gate of the Bull's Bridge Hydroelectric Plant. Still standing overlooking Route 7 near the Gaylordsville border.

Another shot of the little fishing bungalows behind the restaurant.

Breaking it down in the old days inside the dining room of the restaurant.

Old post cards featuring the Bull's Bridge Inn. Notice the enclosed deck and the permanent roof across the entire front of the building.

Look at the size of that little maple tree in front.

Another post card. This one of Kent Falls up the road on Route 7.

The Bull's Bridge from the south.

The bridge from the east.

We used to hold an annual pig roast, the last in 1995.

The Gaylordsville Inn.

The old barn behind the restaurant.

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Monday-Thursday  5:00-9:00
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Sunday  Noon-9:00

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